Dead Island

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Here's a game that immediately caught my attention with the trailer, which was beautifully crafted. Tragic
ending to a family vacation all played out in reverse slow motion. I was immediately hooked, and had to buy
it upon its release. Got home, popped it in and was still hyped up with the opening sequence..."Who Do You
Voodoo Bitch". But, alas, as I played, it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. Nothing like the trailer
I witnessed.
But still, the game was playable. A bit buggy at times, like getting killed by a beach ball that I decided to
kick for fun. Not kidding A FRICKIN BEACH BALL!! But it wasn't much of a game breaker for me. When I first stepped onto the beach and killing my first zombie horde, I noticed the scenery. All in a colorful, lush tropical paradise in great detail as far as the eye can see. Game play wise, basic FPS controls, nothing new. What adds to it,
a few RPG elements like leveling up, picking new skills and making yourself stronger. I think this game is a mix 
between half life, Dead Rising and Fallout. Focusing mainly on melee attacks.
What kind of turned me off was the repetitiveness. Talk to someone, get a quest, get from point A to point B and 
back to point A again, and slaughtering a bunch of zombies along the way, which can be quite satisfying. As far as
weapons go, find them anywhere, modify them by using Mods and dismember those zombies in any way you see fit.
To add a little realism, firearms a pretty scarce at the beginning and start surfacing in chapter 2 and onward. Game takes quite a while to complete, and I've done so both solo and online.
My personal opinion, go ahead, play it if you want something new. For most it's a rental at most. For me, definite
This is Yves, signing off.