Duke Nukem Forever

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Now here's a game I have mixed feelings about. Aside from nostalgic value, this bland first person shooter brings 
absolutely nothing new to the table. I've been a fan of Duke since it was a side scrolling, platforming PC game a
long time ago. In 1996, Duke Nukem 3D took a whole new turn to first person and revolutionized to first person 
genre. I kind of lost track to the few console games they made after that, since I wasn't too impressed with A 
Time To Kill, I completely lost interest in the game.
Then, they announced Duke Nukem Forever.......13 YEARS AGO!! When it finally came out last year, I was all hyped.
But I hesitated when I started seeing so many negative reviews. So I waited for a pre owned copy (which didn't 
take too long). In my case, I never let a critic tell me what to play and what not to. I'd rather see for myself.
To my surprise, it wasn't all THAT bad.
Jon St-John reprises his role as the voice of Duke and that brought back memories of my youth. Game play wise, one 
of the worst shooters I've ever played. Controls are a bit clunky, especially during the mini games the game has to
offer. It's no longer the game play I remember. No more health and armor pickups, only being able to carry two 
weapons at a time, health regenerates over time using a cover system and NO JET PACKS!! I personally thought that
they tried too hard to revamp it to today's standards in FPS. 
Story wise, aliens kidnap our "babes" so you kill the aliens and save the world. That's as deep as it goes. Weapons?
Still the same as its 1996 predecessor. If they tried so hard to revamp it to today's standards, they should've at 
least make new weapons, no? Humor's still there though. Which is probably where the game is at its strongest. 
Although crude and tasteless, that's how I like my humor.
That's my opinion, if you want to try it, it's a rental at best. If you're a huge Duke fan like me, get it used for
no more than 15$ like I did. Feel free to add your comments. 
This is Yves, signing off.