Dead Space 2




Now here's how a sequel should be made. I originally bought this game the same time as the first one. Didn't even
unwrap the game until I had finished the first one. Being busy juggling job, life and long distance relationship, it
took me a little over a month to open it a play it. Was it worth the wait? Hell yeah!! This game took everything from
it's predecessor and improved on it. Game play just as solid, if not better. Health bar still cleverly displayed as
a holographic spine on the back and hologram menus up front.
A good addition to the game was that Isaac Clarke is no longer a silent protagonist. They finally caved in and gave 
him a voice. The guiding system is slick and improved, showing you locations towards your next objective, save 
station or work bench. You can now crawl through vents, although you cannot shoot anything in that particular 
position, which would've been a nice addition. The kinesis module has been improved, allowing you to kill and
pin your enemies to a wall using various pointy objects and severed limbs.
As for weapons, they basically remain the same as its predecessor with very few new features and alternate fire.
As for the stomping, you can hold down the button for a continuous stomp while Isaac shouts and grunts with various
profanities. Feels damn good after a cheap jump scare. Yep, still a sucker for it. As for enemies, there are a few new 
additions, such as the puker, the children and spore spitters. The rest of the necromorphs stay the same. 
Oh, remember that twinkle twinkle little star bit from the first game? It's back, and in this kind of game,
still creeps me out. 
So for all those fans of the first one in here, or fans of survival horror looking for cheap scares, this ones's a 
must as it was for me. If it's not your thing, then don't play it.
This is Yves, signing off.