Dead Space

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This was a game I kind of bought late. Only trying it after I saw footage of the second in the series. The only
reason I haven't tried it earlier, was because my friend told me it really wasn't worth it. Boy was he wrong. Ever
since then, I never listen to anyone when they tell me what they think. That's my whole goal on this site, to give
you my personal opinion on a game, unbiased by ratings and critics or other people's opinion until I see it for
To me, this game brought survival horror back to life after Resident Evil 5 kind of threw it out the window. I
admit, I still get tense and sometimes scared playing this game. Yes, I'm a sucker for jump scares. Although game
style borrows heavily from RE4 with over over the shoulder aiming and shooting, game play and controls are pretty 
solid. Visually it's amazing. Health bar is cleverly displayed on a holographic spine on the player's back and 
in game menus appear as a hologram in front of the player.
As for weapons, aside from the security pulse rifle, are all original, futuristic engineering tools. All of which
are upgradable via a work bench using power nodes. In addition you have a stasis module to slow down enemies or fast 
moving objects. Also a kinesis module which allows you to pick up objects and throw them full force towards your
Speaking of which, cannot be killed with a simple headshot. Instead using strategic removal of their limbs. The ambient sounds and music in the game just take you right in. The most creepy moment for me was faintly hearing a disembodied woman's voice singing twinkle twinkle little star in a dark elevator. Creeped me right out if you ask me. Still does. All in all, it's a great game altogether.
So for all those survival horror freaks out there, this is a definite must own game.
This is Yves, signing off.